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Hi! My name is Victor Kaiser and I am 24 years old, live in Nacka, Stockholm, with my family of three younger sisters, mum and dad. At the age of four months I got the disease Cerebral Palsy which Is a stroke in the premature brain, affecting speech and movements which often is connected with spasticity. Cerebral Palsy of course comes in different shapes depending on what part of the brain that has been damaged and the dignity of that. My type of CP has its signs by my spasticity in my muscles which is more or less depending of the day, mood, stress, sleep and so on. Another sign of my type of CP is that I have difficulties to speak clearly and it takes time, as it also takes time for people to learn how I and what I say. One last big sign of my type of CP is that I have strange reflexes and so called prematurely reflexes which is common for persons with Cerebral Palsy and in my case those reflexes are triggered by sudden sounds like when people coughing, sneezing and even farts sometimes. These reflexes have been better and better throughout the years but I think I have to live with these reflexes all my life, you could possibly train them to make them go away but it will for sure take a lot of time and effort and take lots of energy. To see that with mature eyes, it isn’t that bad, hard and annoying, I try to focus on something else and place my focus there.

I work since October 2018 at Tobii Dynavox Stockholm as Marketing Assistant, Tobii is a Swedish founded company which started 2002 with the goal to be able to know and calculate where people are looking. Tobii is today the World leaders in eye tracking and the company is divided into three divisions, Tobii Dynavox, Tobii Pro and Tobii Tech with the headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Tobii Dynavox division is focusing on developing and provide communication aids for people with disabilities and different needs. Read more about Tobii here:

In February 2020 I became Certified Nutrition Advisor by SAFE Education and I am also studying to finish my Personal Trainer course which many of you who followed my previous website know. Now: You have the opportunity to apply in advance if you want to have my help and get coached by me, either with only Nutrition Advising, only Personal Training or both! Prices will be displayed soon. I will unfortunately not taking any clients before I have both Certificates, but you are more than welcome to apply for my help in advance! I look extremely much forward to helping You! OBS. My services will Only be online at this moment.

Me as a person then: I am just as anyone else besides my disability, sadly there are not many people who understand that I am mentally cure do and not think that I am just as a normal guy and that is So frustrating. But anyway, I am an open and glad person who likes chatting and discuss interesting things with people. Some of my interest are sports, Media & PR and Politics. I am quite honest as a person and say what I think, mostly. I also like networking with people and meet new friends. One thing that I have learned in life especially since I have Cerebral Palsy, is that nothing comes for free, you have to fight to achieve the things that you want! I have always had a positive mindset when it comes to life and when it is hard times, with that said, I have difficulties to find motivation sometimes, but I find ways to deal with the hard stuff mostly. If there is one single sentence that I want to share with you, would it be: If I can, then You can!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts, watch my YouTube videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and comment on the posts on the website. Your opinion is important!

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