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Before working with Victor, I was tired much of the time. Even after a full night’s sleep, I would sometimes need a nap in the afternoon. Ruled by distraction, I struggled to focus and manage my time. My goals were ill-defined and often seemed unreachable. I had also gained about 10 pounds unintentionally in the year prior. During my first session with Victor—a mindset session—he had me write down a list of my goals.

He then encouraged me to pick 3 to focus on—to write down every day. Seeing the things I truly wanted in writing made them clear in my mind and easier to prioritize. I started taking steps to realize them. I started taking Spanish lessons, a philosophy class, and even finally made a website for my art, which is something I had wanted to do for about five years. Victor also had me write down everything I ate for a week. Again, seeing a visual representation of my diet helped to crystalize my issues: I ate more snacks and candy than I thought I did.

When I spoke with Victor about my eating habits, he also helped me realize I often ate to cope with negative emotions. He then built custom meal plans for me based on healthy foods I liked. A few days after I began following the plans, I started having more energy. I stopped taking naps in the afternoon. As time passed, it even became easier to overcome the urge to procrastinate with distractions. After about 10 weeks of adhering to Victor’s meal plans, combined with a swimming and walking routine, I have lost 5 pounds and am able to focus on my work and my goals with more clarity and energy than I’ve ever had.

As a coach and advisor, Victor is honest, kind, and motivating. I would recommend working with him to anyone who is ready to reap the benefits of living, moving and eating with intention.