Calvin Keyser Allen

Posted by Victor Kaiser on  20 augusti, 2020
My next video interview is Calvin Keyser Allen, he is Personal Trainer with several additional educations with focus on crossfit. He is a Crossfit star himself and has competed in Crossfit Games and Regionals. He is also a Very good and experienced Coach, take his clients to the next level and adapt the training to his clients. He recently bacame a dad and is still passionate about training as always. Our interview on Saturday will

Member Portal

Posted by Victor Kaiser on  12 juli, 2020
Hi! Hope you all are well and staying safe! Today I proudly announce that the Member portal is here! The purpose of the portal is that my clients can track their own progress and write their sort of Diarie. They will also be able to write what’s difficult and what’s easy, this will make it more easy for me as a coach to know what I should tweak on with my respective clients and for
Hi All and hope you are well and staying safe! Today I am going to talk about upcoming things and what I think about the current situation. Starting with the upcoming things, I will do some new Youtube videos including more interviews with sport celebrities, one review of my Home Theatre soundbar which I got from Sony, a big motivational video, and more to come in the Video Department. I plan to start my own

Hello And Welcome

Posted by Victor Kaiser on  16 juni, 2020
Hello and welcome to my new website! A lot of food For those of you who followed me on my previous Web page, I am grateful that you still are with me, to newcomers Hi and hope you find yourself comfortable here on my webpage! As many of you know I have studied to become Licenced Nutrition Advisor and Licenced Personal Trainer, and now finally a half year later I can proudly announce that I


Posted by Victor Kaiser on  13 april, 2020
Hi! My name is Victor Kaiser and I am 24 years old, live in Nacka, Stockholm, with my family of three younger sisters, mum and dad. At the age of four months I got the disease Cerebral Palsy which Is a stroke in the premature brain, affecting speech and movements which often is connected with spasticity. Cerebral Palsy of course comes in different shapes depending on what part of the brain that has been damaged