I am

Victor Kaiser

Interviewer, Nutrition Advisor, Personal Trainer

Do you need help with motivation?

Have you tried to get a fresh start in training every new year but not succeeded?

If you choose me as your Personal Trainer, you will get the tools to motivate yourself over time, besides getting individual programmes and custom made coaching. To start training is often not a problem, the problem is to keep the consistency and get the motivation even on bad days.

I will give you the tools needed for you to be able to motivate yourself forever!

That’s why you should choose me as your Personal Trainer!


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PT - Online


365 kr

1 session

789 kr

3 sessions

1857 kr

10 sessions

5690 kr

25 sessions

13.475 kr

50 sessions

25.450 kr

Nutrition Plan - Online


320 kr

1 session

640 kr

5 sessions

1950 kr

10 sessions

3900 kr

20 sessions

7800 kr

30 sessions

11.700 kr


If you are interested in getting help from me with your nutrition or want to hire me as a personal trainer feel free to contact me here! You are of course more than welcome to contact me about anything you might wonder as well – I look forward to hearing from you!