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My next video interview is Calvin Keyser Allen, he is Personal Trainer with several additional educations with focus on crossfit. He is a Crossfit star himself and has competed in Crossfit Games and Regionals. He is also a Very good and experienced Coach, take his clients to the next level and adapt the training to his clients. He recently bacame a dad and is still passionate about training as always. Our interview on Saturday will be a bit shorter than usual but crisp and fun as always!

Calvin Keyser Allen Snatches in a competition.
Calvin in a competition

You can read Calvin ‘s full profile here :

A winning feeling after a competition
Calvin after a competition

I really look forward to the interview!

until next time!

Calvin after his performance in Crossfit Regionals.
After Crossfit Regionals

Photos by: Marcus Syvertsen (Tyngre Classic VI), Mikael Svärd (Victorious 2012) and anonymous when Calvin won Crossfit Fittest 2016.

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