Hi, and welcome to this brand new website!

On this website I will have a blog, my latest Social media posts and a brand new (not released yet) tool for having clients in Personal Training and Nutrition Advising. This tool is coming soon and before that I will unfortunately not taking any clients but in the meantime, if you are interested in getting my help as an Certified Nutrition Advisor and soon also Certified Personal Trainer, just send me an email in the contact section. In the About Me section you will find information about me as a person and my life in general, you will also find my Youtube channel and Instagram on this page. I won’t promise a specific release schedule of this blog but I will post if I have something interesting to say or share, this blog will be about really everything that comes to my mind. In the meantime, please make yourself comfortable on this page and stayed tuned for some Big upcoming events!

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PT - Online *

  • 880kr / 1 time
  • 2260kr / 3 times
  • 6180kr / 10 times
  • 13.940kr / 25 times
  • 30.100kr / 50 times

* The number of times reference the number of training programs, the prices include an interview, monitoring (depending on chosen course) and current status analysis.

Nutrition Plan - Online *

  • 640kr / 1 time
  • 1.950kr / 5 times
  • 3.900kr / 10 times
  • 7.800kr / 20 times
  • 11.700kr / 30 times

* In the prices a first interview is included followed by dialouge and diet registration. All prices are including tax

The first 20 clients get a 10% discount!


If you are interested in getting help from me with your nutrition or want to hire me as a personal trainer feel free to contact me here! You are of course more than welcome to contact me about anything you might wonder as well - I look forward to hearing from you!